Business Inteligence

Nowadays, more and more companies are investing in data extraction and analysis as a competitive edge. In this context, one of the most powerful and global tools is Tableau Software.

Golden Technologia is an official partner of Tableau and has been leading Business Intelligence projects with several customers in Brazil for years.

For the eighth consecutive year, Tableau ranked as the global leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analysis and Business Intelligence Platforms.


At a moment of enormous growth, market evolution, and a rise in customer expectations, Tableau scaled its resources to meet data-driven companies’ needs— with innovation and platform expansion—focusing on the customers.

In addition to the Business Intelligence (BI) solution itself, which aims to enhance its results, Tableau Software benefits technical aspects and the IT infrastructure needed for its implementation.


The tool implementation is facilitated by its great possibilities and ease of integration with existing data. For example, it is possible to start a BI project with Tableau Software by easily connecting to different types of data sources such as Cubes, relational database, cloud data, and even files, such as text files, and Microsoft Excel sheets.

This makes the implementation of the Business Intelligence project faster and hassle-free for the IT department. As a result, the process also gets cheaper.

Data visualization within the tool aims for an agile and clear understanding of the users and implementation of the information within the business strategy.

Thereby, Tableau Software optimizes insight opportunities and analysis of information both general and segmented for strategic decision-making – essential for driving business towards success.

Tableau is ready to provide information on platforms ranging from traditional desktops to mobile devices. The tool experience on mobile devices is enhanced thanks to the constant development of product improvements focused on user experience.



Tableau Desktop is a powerful tool to build analysis to support decision-making, which enables interactive dashboard creation for data mining and analysis in a simple and intuitive way. The tool is compatible with the main data source technologies (spreadsheets, databases, data on the cloud, and more).

Tableau Server is the platform for sharing analysis. For business areas, it allows access to data from multiple devices with full interactivity, using filters, emails, and web panel authoring, all with security and good execution. It enables smooth environmental monitoring and maintenance for the IT team besides being compliant with the requirements for data governance and secure authentication protocols.

Tableau Online is the cloud version of Tableau Server. In addition to the basic features of Tableau Server, Tableau Online easily connects to cloud-hosted data like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery, among others.

Tableau mobile, available for iOS and Android, promptly delivers the necessary information for decision-making anywhere.

Free app to display the analysis built in Tableau Desktop. With this app, it is possible to interact with analyses using filter capabilities, and more.

Free Tableau Server version is the best way to make public any analysis, relying on the previously mentioned characteristics of interactivity. It is a free tool that can be used primarily for experiments and learning on the Tableau platform.