Google Cloud

The same security technology that supports Google's private global network available for your company.



Creating solutions is in our DNA. Let's use this in your favor.

Google owns and operates one of the world's largest backbone networks that connect our datacenters.

We use software-defined network and cache storage advanced services close to end users to deliver a fast, scalable, and consistent performance.

When traffic is in our network, it no longer travels through the public Internet, which reduces the probability of being attacked, intercepted, or manipulated.

Golden is an Official Partner of Google

A company specializing in cloud computing services whose mission is to offer you digital transformation and Google innovation.

Work on the most reliable cloud infrastructure in the world!

Our cloud infrastructure does not depend on any technology to make it safe. Our stack generates security through progressive layers that provide a real defense in depth.


Google Datacenter

Google datacenters have a layer security model with custom electronic access keys, alarms, and gates that control vehicle access, perimeter isolation, metal detectors, and biometry. The datacenter floor is equipped with a laser beam intrusion detection system.


Continuous availability

The infrastructure is the foundation that allows Google Cloud to offer services that are compliant with our highest performance, resilience, availability, accuracy and security standards. Design, operation, and distribution contribute to keeping services continuously available.


Easy to Manage

Keep yourself agile with our flexible platform. Simplify product operations and deployments with Google Cloud features, such as fully managed and server-free offers, aside from hybrid capabilities and multiple clouds.


Built-in intelligence

Encourage innovation AI and data analysis. Our intuitive artificial intelligence and machine learning resources have been incorporated into our main solutions and infrastructure. Thus, they offer accessibility and easy deployment across the company.